Types of Picture Cubes

Glass Picture Cubes is extremely popular collectibles, but how do you know which ones to buy? There are several styles of glass picture cube, each with its own specific character. Let’s take a look at a few.

Clear Glass Picture Cubes – Perhaps the most common style, clear glass picture cube sizes range from four inches up to twenty-two inches. The cube itself may be frosted or clear, and typically they are the same size as a standard picture frame. When you purchase them, you generally get a clear sheet of etched or laminated glass with the picture on it, and an etched glass picture frame shape in the shape of the cubicle. These are also great for use in home studios.

Framed Glass Photo Cubes – These are the biggest cube sizes, up to forty-two inches. The framed-glass picture frames are solid glass and often have built in picture glass for an even higher quality finish. Like the clear glass, they also have a clear top, with a hole to place the photo inside. These are popular in home studios.

Pressed Glass Picture Cubes – These are the newest craze in this market and are made from pressed glass. They are much smaller in size than the clear glass cubes and are much more expensive. Many are faux finished, so you get a great look without having to worry about them being scratched. They are available in all the same sizes as regular glass picture cube sizes and can be purchased in any color you want.

Colored Glass Picture Cube – These are the smallest, but are the most colorful ones out there. They are simply made from colored glass and are almost identical to the pressed glass picture cube styles. They give a beautiful effect when placed on a piece of art and can be perfect for backgrounds or even on your computer screen if used with colors. Many times they come with mounting options, so you can put your picture inside easily. Some will even have hinges, so that you can open it up and display your work.

As you can see there are many different shapes and sizes to choose from. You can get larger versions of some of the cube sizes, or even opt for all three of them. No matter what your needs are, take a look at the different shapes and sizes to find the perfect one for you.